Congratulations On Becoming A Contributor!

Congratulations On Becoming A Contributor! is all about community and promoting a safe and open space for people from all walks of life to share their passion.

We aim to be THE #1 source worldwide for numerological, astrological, and divine education – a place to lift yourself and others higher.

And in order to make that happen, one of our key goals is to connect people from all over the globe with experts, educators, and authors passionate about what they do and helping others.




1. Your Content Shared With Over 1 Million Engaged And Active Subscribers…


2. Broad Exposure Over Social Media, Our Website, And Through Our Weekly Newsletter.

  • Total Website Page Views (Last 6 Months) – 6,942,257
  • Monthly Average Unique Page Views – 451,356
  • Total Visitors (Last 6 Months) – 2,874,584
  • Number of Visitors Per Month within the last 6 months – 479,097


3. An Author Box Linking To Your Website Or Any Other Page You Want Traffic To Reach.

On each blog post you’ll have an author box with a short bio, your photo, and a link of your choice, so that you can build your own subscriber base of interested and engaged readers. Note: the link is not an affiliate link.


  1. Keep it personal. If possible, share stories from your past or stories that resonate deeply with you. Generally, if something struck a chord in you, it’ll do the same for the reader.
  2. Original, unpublished work only. The article should be written by you and has never been published anywhere else (including your blog). It should also not include large chunks of copy/pasted taken from previously published articles.
  3. Offer practical information that can be used by the reader in a simple framework. Perhaps it’s a how-to guide, a personality chart, outlining steps, or how to apply specific and distinct knowledge to their lives in a meaningful way.
  4. Include a benefit in the first paragraph. Include an explicit explanation as to why someone should be reading your article. (Ex. In this post, you’re going to learn about…)
  5. Be inclusive. Because our reader base comes from all over the world and represent a diversity of backgrounds and beliefs, we advise all authors to avoid writing about topics relate specifically to religion or politics.
  6. Encourage engagement. Find ways to encourage readers to interact with it, be it through questions or asking for comments. We also encourage you, the writer, to engage with the readers in the comments.
  7. Do not include sales links within the text of the article.
  8. Break up your article with headings and short paragraphs. The headings should be meaningful, so that if someone were to skim your article they would get the gist of it easily.
  9. Keep self-promotion to your author box. Your author box will accompany each post you write and include your bio, photo, and a link.


  1. Ensure that this is original content and has never been published on Youtube before.
  2. Begin each video by introducing yourself and the platform (ex. Hi, I’m [NAME] on and today we’re going to be talking about…).
  3. Explain the benefit right away. After your introduction, say explicitly what the benefit of watching this video is. (Ex. You’ll learn how to attract more wealth by…)
  4. Keep it brand-neutral. Avoid using promotional call to actions (ex. Go to www…) and links throughout the video. This means NO pitching or plugs. Please refrain from using any visual or verbal calls to action that directs people off the video. You will, however, be allowed a bio and link of your choice in the video description.
  5. End by encouraging engagement. Ask the viewer to like, share, subscribe, or comment below.
  6. Good lighting. A well-lit video goes a long way. Natural indirect day light is a good alternative if your home is too dark or you don’t have any professional lights. Here are some tips on lighting when shooting with a webcam.
  7. Ensure the audio on the video is clear and crisp. Make sure it’s not too noisy, distracting background sounds, or copyright music playing. Here’s a more detailed guide on getting great audio quality.
  8. Pass us the video file in HD (minimum 720p). If the file is too large, we suggest using or Once the file is received, and it has been reviewed and approved, it will then be uploaded to our Youtube Channel.
  9. Include a short written piece to accompany the video. Around 300-600 words. The piece must be original and never been published before. This short write-up will be included in the blog post, which will include the video, your write-up, and your author box below.
  10. Include a short video description. This will be added to the video’s Youtube comments section.
  11. Include tags when you send over your video file. These tags will be used for both Youtube and our Blog when it gets uploaded and published.